My teaching experience in diverse environments–research universities, an arts college, and an Islamic university–reflects my commitment to education beyond borders. At Boston University I oversee an innovative, interdisciplinary MA in International Relations and Religion.

Teaching Interests: Comparative Politics, Religion and Politics, Law and Society, Southeast Asia, The Middle East.

Boston University

Religion and International Relations, Fall 2016 [syllabus, student evaluations], Spring 2016 [syllabus, student evaluations], 2014 [syllabus, student evaluations], 2013 [syllabus, student evaluations]

Islam and Politics, Fall 2016 [syllabus, student evaluations], Fall 2014 [syllabus, student evaluations], Spring 2014 [syllabus, student evaluations]

Southeast Asia in World Politics, 2016 [syllabus, student evaluations], 2015 [syllabus, student evaluations, faculty evaluation], Spring 2014 [syllabus, student evaluations]

People Power in Global Politics, Spring 2017 [syllabus, student evaluations], Spring 2015 [syllabus, student evaluations].

Freshman Honors Seminar: How to Change the World, Spring 2017 [syllabus, student evaluations]

The University of Wisconsin-Madison

Lecturer, Politics of the Islamic Revival. 2011 [syllabus, student evaluations].

Teaching Assistant, World Political Economy with Professor Edward Friedman. 2007 [student evaluations].

Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Comparative Politics with Professor Tamir Moustafa. 2006 [student evaluations].

Teaching Assistant, Introduction to International Relations with Professor Jon Pevehouse. 2005.

Teaching Assistant, Law, Politics, and Society with Professor Debra Spector. 2005 [faculty evaluation].

The University of Chicago

Teaching Assistant, State, Society, and Democratization in Southeast Asia with Professor Dan Slater. 2006.

Indonesian State Islamic University Syarif Hidayatullah

Lecturer, Empirical Research Methods (Metode Penelitian Empiris). 2009 [syllabus, faculty evaluation].

Columbia College Chicago

Adjunct Professor, United States Foreign Policy. 2008 [syllabus, faculty evaluation].